Hello! My name is Gareth, I live in and London I have been involved in delivering digital products since 2000. I wrote my first computer program age 10 and in 2014 am developing iPhone and iPad apps. These days with more than a few years of experience under my belt I am interested in a wide range of aspects from production and strategy to planning and people.

The content on this blog is divided into four main sections.  Freelancer covers the projects I have been involved in as a Freelance developer.  The Consultant section is full of opinion and articles, my take on the world of digital and what may be next. Within Developer you will find code examples and downloads and Trainer contains tutorials for web and mobile phone developers, go ahead and check them out.


A portfolio of the best mobile, website and web application projects I have completed over the last few years.


Drawing on over 10 years experience of commercial technical digital culture I am equally comfortable communicating in English with stakeholders as I am using the 'language of the geeks' with techies.


Mobile and web developers, whether you are a freelancer or not, this is where you want to head first.

Sample code and techniques from the front line, with a heavy iOS bias, and comments from you!

Since 2001 I have delivered commercial training on behalf of number of London based providers.

Here you can find tutorials for web and mobile phone developers.