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That's Advertainment17 November 2013

While I only have eyes for Crystal Palace someone I am friends with on Facebook is a Sunderland Football Club supporter. At the beginning of this season when Paolo Di Canio's position at the club was looking to be under threat, Sky Bet started offering odds that he would be the first manager of the season to go.

They posted the question on Facebook and when my friend interacted with the post it appeared on my timeline. At first I was curios, I am not connected to Sky Bet but how had this advert for one of their current bets appeared amongst the pictures of cats and babies that make up most of my Facebook content?

I started reading the comments and read the type of responses you would expect from a football topic. Opinions and the ability to express them ranged widely. I got drawn in, it was very entertaining and that in a nutshell, is Advertainment.

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The Craftsman iPad Game 11 November 2013

Portal Entertainment Logo
Very recently the world's first thriller for the iPad hit Apple's App Store. The Craftsman is an immersive digital, plugged in to The Internet, experience which was born out of the answering the question "How would Alfred Hitchcock tell a story today"? Earlier this year I was hired as an Objective-C developer to join the team Portal Entertainment, a London startup, put together to produce an early version.