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In my time as a freelance iOS programmer I've come across two trends, true for both iPad and iPhone projects. Firstly there is a lot of contract work for apps that are preparing to look for funding and do not necessarily go into Apple's App Store at the end of the development cycle. Secondly there is a lot of contract work rescuing projects that begun life outsourced to off shore developers. Although Playfolly, a video social network mobile app, eventually has made it to the Appstore both of these are true for the work I did for them (see last year's Two Factor Authentication iOS Consulting for another example).

The Playfolly team kick started their project using a freelance Chinese developer who had proven to be very good value however the app produced was not the kind of standard UK consumers are used to and, as the team's next goal was to begin looking for funding the, the app needed an overhaul.

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Playfolly ask me to provide some initial consultancy determining what would be needed to move the app forward and make a good impression in front of potential investors. My answer was simply; start again and create a native iOS project. They decided that as the video server component was based on Flash Media Server the front end should also be Flash based we started again using only Actionscript, eschewing Flex or Air.

Not only did the code need an overhaul but the visual appeal and UX had not been given more than a cursory thought initially and the first thing I did was ask Philip King to join me in turning out a working prototype for Playfolly. I think the results are stunning and the team now has a first class working example of their ideas in their hands. It's worth noting that as our task was to produce a prototype with no database server backing it placeholder text and images were used.

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