Technology Eduction - Photo Credit
18 months ago I reached out to the techies of Brixton to see if anyone was interested in mentoring young people who wanted to learn how to code. The good news is a great team of mentors have banded together and we run a club every month called Coder Brixton. The bad news is we found quality teaching material a bit thin on the ground.

Drawing on my experience of commercial training I developed a course introducing programming using front end web technologies. The material took over 6 months to refine, has been battle hardened on the frontline by young coders and is now available to you …

Teaching kids to code

Course Aim

The obvious aim of the course is to each front end web programming to an audience who has no experience of programming at all. The target audience for us is young learners from around 8 or 9 up.

If your audience is older then fret not.

The material has been developed to be useful to different abilities. There are some crazy colours in there from time to time and some reasonably advanced programming concepts also. Some of the young people we mentor are really advanced and despite plenty of world experience some people like crazy colours, so everyone is covered.

Another aim of this material is for each step the learner takes to be the same size as the last one they took. Attention to this sort of detail makes this content great for anyone who wants to try out coding for the first time and all they need is a text editor and a browser to start.

Lesson 1
  • Project Set Up
  • Basic HMTL
  • Basic CSS
Lesson 2
  • Linking Javascript to HTML files
  • Introducing JQuery
  • Dynamic CSS
  • Functions
  • Event Handlers
  • Variables
Lesson 3
  • Comments
  • Debugging with a browser debugger
  • Arrays
  • Random
  • Rounding
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself
  • Function Returns
  • If / Else Boolean Logic
Lesson 4
  • Abstracting Code
  • Application Architecture
  • JQuery val() and html()
  • Switch
  • Set / Clear Interval

Use of this material is governed by a Creative Commons license. Please take a look at it to understand the terms, here they are in easy to understand English.

This license does not permit commercial use. If you would like to use this material in a commercial setting, this includes Academy Schools in the UK, please get in touch as we are looking for commercial partners for the Coder Brixton project.


The JQuery Javascript library is a product of the JQuery Foundation and it’s use is subject to it’s own license separately.


Grab the zip of PDFs. Let me know how you get on.