Xcode provides integration with Git which remains of the most popular distributed repository systems choice for developers. The only other one I have used recently is Mercurial, SVN seems to be fading into the background and as for CVS, I am probably just showing my age now. This tutorial will demonstrate how to back up the Xcode Git repository for your iOS project. This includes how to bundle up all of the Objective-C you have written, the Nib files and all the supporting files for your project and upload them from your machine on to an Amazon S3 bucket in two clicks.



Using Git to create versioned backups of your projects is great even if you are the only developer on a project. You can roll back to any previous version or branch some code off to try something out safe in the knowledge that at any time you can return to where you were before you started tinkering. As Git is a distributed system this technique will work for multiple developers without too much changing.

Screenshot of Xcode interface showing option to create Git repository.

This is not a tutorial on using Git with XCode or what Amazon S3 is, there is plenty of information about that on the web.

In order to complete this you will need :
Only move on to the next step once all of these have been satisfied and you understand what they are.