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Like many companies BlackBerry have undertaken sophisticated analysis of the types of people that buy their products and also identified some that don't yet but are likely candidates for the future. This is of course invaluable information to those responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies. It is the way that BlackBerry has gone about distributing the information internally that is different.

Internal Application

Working alongside the team at Brushfire Design a Flex based standalone application was developed to deliver this research data. I am bound by an NDA so am limited in what I can say about it (and no screenshots - sorry). What I will say is using PureMVC the dynamic rich experience that people usually expect of Flex and Flash was leveraged to allow marketing executives to explore the data sections in turn and also compare two sections in a grid format.

Much more exciting than your ordinary spreadsheet of facts. This application delivers the same information in a compelling and exciting way expected by professionals marketing cutting edge technology products, both from within a browser and from the desktop.