The British Heart Foundation ran an anti smoking campaign on UK television that was based on depicting, in graphic detail, what can happen to the arteries of smokers, by showing cigarettes dripping with fat. It was tough viewing but the advert drove record numbers of visitors to the charity's website. In order to continue this message, creative web content was created to engage visitors and provide the final piece of a campaign that begun with posters on the street.

Flash Game

A variation on the much loved computer game Tetris, using Flash, where animated characters would flick fatty Tetris blocks on to the top of the game and they would fall down the screen being moved and turned by the game players. Games such as these are very good sources of collecting online visitor data, such as name and email address, as the incentive to register your score and compete on the high score table is a good incentive for many to provide details.


I was involved managing the Flash developer, designed the the database collecting this registration information and developed the server code that allowed the interaction between database and game.