Research Report

These documents describe individual users encountered as case studies, exploring individual needs, developing a set of themes about consistent needs and describing the mental models. This is often called User Centred Design and once the production phase has started can inform Behaviour Driven Development.

The primary purpose of this report is to provide a diagnosis of the key issues this product is intended to solve, grounded in case studies of real use.

Strategy Presentation

The strategy is a strategic response to the issues defined by the research and takes the form of a set of general design principles that the team should work towards.

UX Documentation

The final stage of strategising moves closer to describing what form the actual application may take. The learning in the Understand phase and described in the Research Report and Strategy Presentation is combined in the creation of User Experience documents. These describe quite specifically how users might interact with a real product and take three forms

Customer Journey Models provide a high level overview of how customers interact with the product across time.

Customer Journey Case Study

Application Flow Models suggested scope of interactive functionality based on the individual case studies.

Persona A Application Map

System Architecture Reference illustrates potential impact on existing organisation systems.

System Architecture Reference

Next Steps

Once this work has been completed the next step is Interface Design. This starts with Wireframes and continues into Graphic Design, but that's another post entirely.