Adobe Air Runtime
We've all been in this situation. You have developed a mobile app, or desktop application. It has been accepted to the Android Marketplace / Apple's App Store, or you have uploaded it onto your website or intranet for distribution. People have installed it and are using it.

It's time for version 2 and you make the inevitable changes to the database. You have to write code, in the model of your MVC pattern usually, that copes both with a upgrading the database from version 1 and creating a database from scratch for a user who is using your application for the first time at version 2.

And so the pattern continues, and the problem grows, for each version. In version 3 you have to write code that handles people upgrading from version 2 to version 3, version 1 to version 3 and people installing the app for the first time.

What a pain! Not anymore.


Dual is a library written in AS3 that provides an improvement to many database tasks in an Adobe Air application whether the app is intended for an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or desktop. Dual was written to make the task of database version control across many different versions of your application easy to manage but that's not all it does ...

Dual is :
  • Lightweight, adding about 100k to your application.
  • Easy to use. Honest. It's really easy.
  • Part of my AS3 utilities.
Dual helps you :
  • Easily upgrade your application database from one version to another.
  • Run more than one query in one go on your database, this is not currently supported in Air.
  • Listen to only one set of events when accessing your database.
  • Implement robust and secure database code.

There is no license restrictions at all. Obviously if you let me know, or even better let other people know that you are using it and where to get it, that would be great.

If you really need a license for legal reasons then I am happy for you to apply this one.

Dual is open source and if you would like to improve it please feel free. I have taken care to make sure that it is constructed well, there are no memory leaks caused by using the library and it is both easy to use and understand.

Where I can you get it?

Dual is available as part of my Actionscript 3 /Air Utilities on GitHub, grab the zip.