I am bound by a non disclosure agreement from disclosing the client this Flex work was produced for and so the agency, Tribeca, is listed here against this item.

The brief was to produce a rich media interface for a section of a content learning system for use by a global pharmaceutical company. Tribeca, the creative agency, came up with a great solution that works so well it has been used by the marketing department when delivering presentations in addition to the main purpose of being an interface to learning material.

Working Example

Below is a working example of this work.

In order to protect the intellectual property rights of the company that commissioned the piece I have removed all of the context from the example. The functionality, and look and feel, has been preserved in exactly the same state that it was for the production version using generic labelling. Roll over the brown "Choice" boxes and reveal which ones have sub items nested within them. The case study icons, at the bottom, also highlight one of two "paths" that patients have taken through this process.

This Flex content requires you to have the Flash Player and to visit my blog

Creative Solution

The interface is based on the experience a person might go through when taken ill and what treatments are available to them. At each stage of the treatment the company is able to demonstrate their involvement in the patients rehabilitation.

The interface is delivered using a Flex solution and configured using XML. The layout, colours and labeling of each of the items on the menu can be changed as can the target that the user is redirected to, both within the learning system and externally, when clicking on a link.

The administrator has the ability to nest child items inside each box on the menu and the behavior of elements on the interface automatically changes based on if child elements are present or not.

3rd Party Flex Library

Flex 3 has limited native drawing abilities. After experimenting with creating Flash elements ,and loading them at run-time, I utilised a programmable interface called Degrafa to achieve the dynamic drawing required.