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Written in Objective-C, Groupstr is a native iPad app aimed at users of Flickr Groups which you can download from Apple's Appstore. Should you not have a Flickr account or any Groups associated with your account, I have set up some demonstration credentials. Username : groupstr_tester and Password : gr0upstr_t3st3r, let me know how you get on. If you are looking to hire a London based freelance iOS developer I have also included are details of the concepts I covered, and tools used, while building this app on this blog post.

This is the first version of the app and it performs one task. Using the pictures from one of your Flickr Groups your iPad becomes a digital picture frame. The pictures in a Group are transformed into a slideshow and can be set to automatically move from one to the next after a short while or are displayed until you move to another one using the standard swipe gesture common to all touch screen devices. You can also choose whether to see the title of the picture and the name of the person that took it.

Ipad on a table with a cup of coffee and a cup of tea.

If you are like me and are part of a Flickr Group that meet up you can now have pictures from the Group on display when you see each other away from your keyboards.

You could also display company pictures on a reception desk or perhaps display photographs at a conference or exhibition.

iPad on  table showing a picture of the red arrows

If you organise pictures of products into Flickr Groups it would be very easily create an interactive brochure iPad app with no programming knowledge needed at all using this iPad app.


This iPad app uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr. You are only able to access photographs that appear in groups that you are a member of and would normally be able to access on the Flickr web site. Individual photographs have different permissions for use set by the photographer that uploaded them and you need to make sure that you have permission to display the photographs you choose within the context that that this app is being used.

The functionality described here does not involve the storing of photographs on the device for later use. The application only holds five photographs in its memory at any one time and as soon as any particular gallery is closed these are deleted.