If you are not a developer, or someone looking to hire a freelance iOS developer, this page is full of technical details that is probably not going to be interesting to you however if on the other hand you are like me and can't get enough of the stuff then read on ...

I started learning Objective-C in early 2012 and have written many lines of code however this is the first app I have completed all the way to App store submission and this process had allowed me to gain production level proficiency in key aspects of iOS development :
  • XCode
  • Objective-C
  • MVC Pattern
  • Delegate Pattern and protocols
  • Compiler Flags / ARC Compatibility
  • iOS oAuth with Flickr
  • iOS REST architecture with graceful recovery from network failures
  • Callback URLs (launching / relaunching from a URL)
  • JSON Parsing
  • Blocks
  • Animation
  • Custom UI Switch (not used in the end)
  • Skinned UISlider
  • User Preferences (NSUserDefaults)
  • User Locales
  • Internationalisation / Internationalization / Internazionalizzazione
  • Autoresize Masks
  • Appstore submission
After a little over a year of learning I feel very comfortable with Objective-C / iOS and like many absolutely love the results you can achieve with it.

3rd Party Libraries

Naturally I used Apple utilities, open source code, and commercial 3rd party libraries where I could.