Due to business details behind this website I am unable to say for exactly which luxury fashion brand this work was for. It's a shame really because they are well known in UK and Europe for their dresses, suits, sunglasses and especially men and woman's perfume ranges.

On the plus side I had an amazing time working on this website with some really cool people. The Project Manager, Amell Benzerfa, on the job agreed to say some words about my work that I can share with you here....

Gareth was hired as a freelance experienced Flash AS3 developer to work on a website for a very demanding luxury fashion brand. He was able to come into the project and tackle the job efficiently and deliver to the required high standards. He was also a great communicator who was able to clearly express complex technical issues and give timely and accurate feedback and he acted as a great mentor to the Flash team. I certainly enjoyed working with him as did the client and the rest of the team. I definitely recommend him highly and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Kinds words and I can assure you that the feeling is mutual. Amell runs a great team of Actionscript and Python developers at Tangent One who do great work. They have a number of high profile multilingual websites in their portfolio including Borders, Purple Ronnie and rather shy fashion houses.

I am confident we shall combine forces again in the not too distant future.