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Rarebreed, a London digital agency, recently arrived at the place all agencies visit where they wanted to create something for themselves rather than for a client. Something the design team could sink their teeth into. They chose to build an iPhone App which they could use internally with clients when scheduling meetings and they asked me to develop it.

It's plain to see from the screenshots that MeatUp is gorgeous. It's also super simple to use. Rare Breed employees and clients register a profile on the system and from there it's a straight forward to create a meeting adding a date, time and location and inviting other people on the system to attend.

IPhone App Home Screen
IPhone App Calendar Screen
IPhone App MapKit Screen

Rarebreed like to start with the designs and so the next step was to understand the information requirements of the app and this started, as it always does, with a user journey. From there API requests can be scoped, and further defined and finally a model established.

iPhone App User Journey
iPhone App API Requests
iPhone App API Definition
iPhone App Data Model

I enjoyed my short stay at Rare Breed and it seems the feeling was mutual Martin Bowley the Executive Chairman had these kind words to say.

Gareth joined our in house team to work on our internal Meatup iPhone app. He was productive straight away, which is not surprising given his many years of experience of in the creative digital space, and easily fitted into the team. He brought more than his technical knowledge to the situation and I would be happy to work with him again.

MeatUp is not going to be submitted to Apple's App Store as at the moment it is exclusively for use by staff and clients. You could say it is a business to business iPhone app so if you would like to see it in action, I am sure Rare Breed would love to have you as a client.

Objective-C Concepts / 3rd Party Libraries

Concepts covered / libraries / tools used on this project :
  • Address Book
  • ABPeoplePickerNavigationController
  • UIImagePickerController
  • Storyboards
  • KeychainItemWrapper
  • Map Kit Framework
  • Image Processing
  • Kal
  • Resizer
About Rare Breed Digital

Rarebreed are a design driven digital agency headed up by Martin Bowley. Based in Clerkenwell just near the excellent Exmouth market they specialise in mobile app development, both iOS and Android, and web projects. A core strategy at Rarebreed is not to outsource anything, the team you meet is the team that will work on your project, get in contact with them right away.