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If you live in the UK and you buy a new or used Nissan you get access to the Nissan After Sales website. This site allows Nissan car owners to register their vehicles with their local dealer, book a service and stay in touch with Nissan after purchase. The bulk of the functionality is delivered via a Flex Application which is powered by a Sales Force back end.

Actionscript Framework

It was a pleasure to be asked back to Duke Interactive (soon to be part of the UK arm of Digitas) and to work once again with Karl Freeman, a developer who is definitely on the same page as I am.

As always these days PureMVC was the framework of choice and it really made working in a team very easy as different parts of the application can be designated to team members and they can happily work away without crossing each others paths quite easily. Additional resources joined us in our quest along the way and the framework made things really straight forward.

Nissan Flex Application Screenshot

Team Work

Charlie Richardson the Project Manager on this project had these kind words to say.

Gareth is a very focused and fantastically talented Flex developer. His knowledge of Flex is unrivalled among developers and he has an incredible eye for detail. He can analyse any situation but he is also able to understand the wider implications of his software and how it fits in to larger web projects. He has developed a fully working and successful application for an automotive client for me, and done so professionally, promptly and with care and precision. I would recommend him for any development task large or small.


For the first time in many many years the back end driving the data on a web project was not MySQL. As this enterprise project is many times broader than our application, an enterprise data solution was needed and Salesforce was chosen to deliver the goods. Using Salesforce means an abstraction to data transactions can be put into place. For example if someone uses the Flex application to engage with Nissan this data is stored and also channelled as an Opportunity (for example) to a specific part of the organisation. Over time these could begin in any corner of the information system and be channelled towards an endpoint. Saleforce is perfect for adding this layer of business logic into a web application back end and this frees the Rich Interface Application developers (that's me and the team) to concentrate on exactly that, providing rich interactions and rewarding user interactions.

Nissan Flex Application Dealer Screenshot

Skinning Engine

For the second project in a row, the other being an undocumented Air application, providing a skinning mechanism was necessary. This time the skin was to be based on bitmaps, the Air app was vector based, and I will write up some blog posts at some stage detailing them. I am especially happy about the approach we designed for this application as it used my ViewBuffer class and it made creating pages later in the project really easy. All projects have late arrivals into the plan, default views, error message views, and the like are often overlooked in the scope documents and there is a big push in the closing stages to get them in place. PureMVC made it really easy to accommodate these pages and our Skinning Engine made it super easy to style them.