As a web developer who is interested in mobile phone development I thought the first part of my journey into learning what the new wonderful world of mobile is like would be to get this website, my portfolio, to render well on my phone.

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A few disclaimers at the outset are necessary I think. The phone I have, and used to test this on, is the HTC Desire which is an Android phone. Android uses Webkit which is the same browser as iPhone and some Blackberry models and so this this the browser I focused on. After some testing I decided to also include some basic support for Opera Mini but limit this to the landing page. This tutorial by no means sets out to cover all the phones and browser combinations out there or even explore the subject completely but should be taken an introduction to the concepts and challenges in getting your web content to look good on a mobile phone.

This blog uses the wonderful NucleusCMS blogging software and the way that this is set up, particularly with regards to templates, helped me out. If you aren't afraid of PHP I can really recommend this blogging software it's great and some of the comments left in the code by the Japanese developers are hilarious. Anyway, onto the task at hand ...