The first step, as with any third party utility, is to get the files included into your project and the best way is to use CocoaPods. If you have not used CocoaPods for dependancy management in your Objective-C projects I recommend you take the time to investigate it. Essentially CocoaPods is Ruby Gems for iOS and OSX developers and there is a great tutorial on Ray Wenderlich's website.

Once you are up to speed with CocoaPods these details should make perfect sense :


platform :ios, "6.1"

pod 'SimpleIOSViewStackController' , '0.2'

SimpleIOSViewStackController needs at least iOS 5.0
pod install

Git Hub
If for some reason you can't or don't want to use CocoaPods you can download the zip file from the utility's page on GitHub.

Once you have unpacked the .zip you will find eight files :

  • SimpleIOSViewStackController.h
  • SimpleIOSViewStackController.m
  • SimpleIOSViewStackNotificationVO.h
  • SimpleIOSViewStackNotificationVO.m
  • SimpleIOSViewStackVO.h
  • SimpleIOSViewStackVO.m

Ignore and LICENSE.