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Underwired are a London based ECRM strategy and execution agency.

Recently they produced their first Flash site but being specialists in digital relationship marketing, retention and email marketing and not Actionscript, it was not running as well as it should. I restructured their site so that it would load quickly while maintaining the clever HTML/Javascript/PHP code they had written to maintain some search engine readable HTML on each page.

ECRM Website Screenshot

Felix Velarde, Underwired's Managing Director had this to say about it.

The site's always been a favourite of journalists, partly because it was Elaine's first piece of Flash and that reflected well on our general standards, and partly because it reflects Underwired's personality. But it was slow. Gareth made it work in the way it was intended to - he's brought the site, literally, up to speed. Fantastic work, done quickly and without fuss - thank you!

Flash Designer vs Actionscript Developer - Round 1

This situation came about through something I have seen a few times so it is worth noting down. Graphic Designers and Animators are often drawn to Flash because of the excellent results you can achieve with it. You can see the great character achieved on this site as a great example.

A problem often arises when a site is not set up correctly at the beginning of the project, our brothers and sisters with the creative flair are not always the most structured people. A great approach is to let a developer set it up; establish the architecture, how things are grouped together, what loads into what and other details far too boring for any self respecting designer to think about. This will help make the site run and load in the quickest possible time and will increase your chance of being able to change and extend the site at a later stage.