Organisations that undertake many marketing initiatives need to be able to add new content, as well as update existing content, quickly and easily. Depending on outside agencies to change content on their website would place shackles on how effective they are in spreading the word about efficient use of water within in the UK.

I delivered a Content Management Systems (CMS) using a well known open source solution and continue to support Waterwise staff in using it.

The investment paid off, and while they call on our support services from time to time, Waterwise do not rely on anyone for their day to day website needs.

Website Hosting and Search Engine Optimisation

Once their site had been established, and they were using it every day, I took another look at their content to see if it could be optimised for search engines. This organisation's remit is for the UK and our focus for search results were UK results using terms such as 'saving water' and 'water efficiency'.