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Being part of the ZX Spectrum generation I have been programming from the age of 10. In the dark days of computing, in other words before the web, I received formal training in very boring things like COBOL.

Once digital media arrived, and the demand for web related production took off, I found myself naturally gravitating to online technology. This has resulted in not only many hours of experience developing code but also training and managing people involved in producing code. My work as a trainer led me to be introduced to the University of Kent and I am currently a member of the University's Digital Media Industrial Panel.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed many great projects using this Flex and Air including Flex web applications, Air touchscreen and desktop applications as well as participated in the production of consumer brand websites using Flex in the days before HTML5 rode into town.

In early 2012 I released an open source database utility for Adobe Air projects that use SQLite called DUAL and published my research into native vs cross platform mobile application development. During the remainder of 2012 I delivered two lectures at the University of Kent and taught myself Objective-C with a view to adding native iOS development to my skill set. The first part of 2013 has seen an iPad app for Flickr users uploaded to the Appstore and I have begun tinkering with a C++ creative coding framework called Cinder.

This blog highlights some of the better projects I have been involved in while also provides a platform for me to discuss and distribute code and hopefully impart some of the things have learned along the way. Like all good nerds I am interested in technology, art, design, photography, cinema, philosophy, sociology, politics, music and kung fu.

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