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Venteo are a social network start up focussed on event photographs. After their minimum viable product proved a success they set about the task of creating a stable, scalable mobile app around which to grow their business.

As an iOS Consultant tasked with designing the iOS application architecture I worked closely with the CTO spending time with everyone in the team from UX designers to backend developers. Happily Venteo were keen to use Swift and I designed and developed a multi-threaded MVVM based framework upon which the application is being built. I also produced an iOS application development production plan and schedule.

Visit their site.

That's Advertainment17 November 2013

While I only have eyes for Crystal Palace someone I am friends with on Facebook is a Sunderland Football Club supporter. At the beginning of this season when Paolo Di Canio's position at the club was looking to be under threat, Sky Bet started offering odds that he would be the first manager of the season to go.

They posted the question on Facebook and when my friend interacted with the post it appeared on my timeline. At first I was curios, I am not connected to Sky Bet but how had this advert for one of their current bets appeared amongst the pictures of cats and babies that make up most of my Facebook content?

I started reading the comments and read the type of responses you would expect from a football topic. Opinions and the ability to express them ranged widely. I got drawn in, it was very entertaining and that in a nutshell, is Advertainment.

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App Prototype Developer

Going from prototype to market is a pain.

This article is aimed at product owners, project managers, budgets holders and business executives. Technical people are probably going to nod and repeat "Yes, I know" as they read it.

Whenever the intended audience want to create a large amount of emotional turmoil in the hearts and minds of technical folk they ask questions such like :

"Why is it that a prototype can be produced quickly and the first release to market takes exponentially more time?"

"Surely a good portion of the work was achieved creating the prototype?"

These sorts of questions are asked all the time and this thinking is quite often the seeds of later unhappiness. A clear majority of the time the prototype is used to create the first version, whether it is a minimum viable product (MVP) or not. Money and emotional investment has been spent creating a prototype and apparently an efficiency can be realised by using it as the start point for the next phase.

I propose the chances of easier early, and also sustained, success can be promoted instead by engaging with the exact opposite idea. Once the decision has been made to move forward throw the prototype away and create the first production version from scratch.


Recently I have been looking into the popular choices, platforms and frameworks, currently used to develop mobile phone apps and I have collated my findings here. This post has a day to day production considerations, is reasonably technical and is aimed at decision makers, team leaders and senior developers. If you are a freelance mobile developer you may find this article a primer when deciding which mobile phone technology you feel is worth pursuing.


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When Actionscript 3 first arrived on the scene I was asked to introduce the technology to a lecturer at the University of Kent so that it could be incorporated into their syllabus. At the end of the two days I was asked if I wanted to be a member of the School of Engineering and Digital Arts Multimedia, Technology & Design Industrial Panel, and I signed up immediately.


Polonetworks is a global membership organisation and central agency to the polo industry.

In 2008 they launched a social networking website to enhance the services offered to their worldwide membership base.


Producing television advertising is a global business. An advertising production company may have their office in London while needing to show a new script to a director who is on location in Hong Kong. It is exactly because of this type of situation that Stink decided to make their current in-house system an online application. Essentially this is business software that is accessed using a web browser and is available to staff wherever they may be, provided they have an Internet connection.


Emco is named derived from the words 'Electrical Mechanical Company' and as such they are an all around Electrical-Mechanical Service Contractor aiming at the Gulf Market with Bahrain as a prime target. Emco specialises in the field of Electrical, Electronic, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Fighting and Maintenance work.

In 2008 I was asked to be involved in the construction of their new Content Management driven website.


Organisations that undertake many marketing initiatives need to be able to add new content, as well as update existing content, quickly and easily. Depending on outside agencies to change content on their website would place shackles on how effective they are in spreading the word about efficient use of water within in the UK.

I delivered a Content Management Systems (CMS) using a well known open source solution and continue to support Waterwise staff in using it.


ES@T is a web based management tool for gathering, compiling and analysing data associated with self-assessment for the Equality Standard for Local Government (ESLG).

The ESLG was launched in 2001. Ninety per cent of all local authorities have now adopted it. It enables the mainstreaming of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation into council policy and practice and is a voluntary best value performance indicator.