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BBC iOS News App26 October 2016

BBC News iPhone App Logo
From October 2015 to September 2016 I spent a year building two new features for the BBC News iOS app. The first a ground breaking portrait news video feature and the second the internationalisation and localisation of the app into three languages as part of the largest expansion of the BBC World Service since the 1940’s.


Social Media Network App Logo
Venteo are a social network start up focussed on event photographs. After their minimum viable product proved a success they set about the task of creating a stable, scalable mobile app around which to grow their business.

As an iOS Consultant tasked with designing the iOS application architecture I worked closely with the CTO spending time with everyone in the team from UX designers to backend developers. Happily Venteo were keen to use Swift and I designed and developed a multi-threaded MVVM based framework upon which the application is being built. I also produced an iOS application development production plan and schedule.

Visit their site.

Apple's Swift Logo
Recently on my journey learning Swift, Apple's new programming language, I decided to re-write my Objective-C View Stack utility using only Swift and it turns out you can't. Well you can't at the moment, it's worth bearing in mind that Swift is in Beta at the time of writing and could change at short notice.

Working around the problem is really easy though and it is this type of situation where Objective-C knowledge is going to remain important for developers focussed on Apple's iOS and OSX platforms.