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Technology Eduction - Photo Credit
18 months ago I reached out to the techies of Brixton to see if anyone was interested in mentoring young people who wanted to learn how to code. The good news is a great team of mentors have banded together and we run a club every month called Coder Brixton. The bad news is we found quality teaching material a bit thin on the ground.

Drawing on my experience of commercial training I developed a course introducing programming using front end web technologies. The material took over 6 months to refine, has been battle hardened on the frontline by young coders and is now available to you …


Simple iOS Viewstack 303 January 2015

Xcode Logo
A little while back I created the first version of a view stack utility for IOS. It was one of the first things I added to my toolbox shortly after starting working as a freelance iOS developer. Having used it in commercial projects I have refined and added features as demanded by real life mobile app development.

This simple tool has such a positive impact on promoting decoupled architecture in iOS projects and this article is a thorough look at the features of SimpleIOSViewStack as I think,  given what it can do for you, this could be useful. If you are in a hurry the Git Hub ReadMe or this example project may prove a better starting point for you.


Apple's Swift Logo
Recently on my journey learning Swift, Apple's new programming language, I decided to re-write my Objective-C View Stack utility using only Swift and it turns out you can't. Well you can't at the moment, it's worth bearing in mind that Swift is in Beta at the time of writing and could change at short notice.

Working around the problem is really easy though and it is this type of situation where Objective-C knowledge is going to remain important for developers focussed on Apple's iOS and OSX platforms.